Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay, so I went out yesterday with a friend to a place called Konrad! At first there were almost no people there, but I guess most came after 24.00... I'm guessing we were the only ones there (almost) that weren't drunk! XD Anyway, we thought that we'd be sitting alone the whole time, but that was far from what happened. Drunk people are actually quite fun to watch and talk to, especially when they think that they're saying smart things!! Since we're from a school with good reputation, everyone thought that we were geniouses...

We decided that next time, we'll not be going there by ourselves. And I said I would take a lot of photos, but I didn't! Aaaah, I really regret that! I'll take a lot of photos next time though, don't worry! Here's a photo from Konrad's website:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This guy is my roommate this week! He's kinda lazy but he wants attention all the time... Okay so today I have a headache, but I'm still going out! At first I'm going shopping with Lina, and tonight we're going clubbing ;P haha I probably won't drink anything anyway, since I really hate the taste of alcohol. Seriously, it's disgusting. The only thing I can drink is liqueur with taste of mint chocolate! :D hehehe

What I need to buy today = mascara, 1 or 2 rings aaaand maybe shoes! I saw some really cute shoes that I want to buy! But they're more summershoes than wintershoes and it's almost winter now... that sucks... Maybe I'll find something else! First I need Eric to come home, coz I don't wanna leave the dog alone :/ And besides, I'm not supposed to meet up with Lina until 15.00! Booooring...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Horror movie-week!!

Hi people! Lately, my throat has been killing me! x_x but I feel better today, which is good since we're having a visitor over today! :D The visitor is the sweetest Springer Spaniel I know! I'm so happy we can take care of him almost every break we get! The ones who own him sure travel a lot...

I'll try to do my make up a different way today, you know "party make up"! X) I found a style I really like, so I'll try that one ^^ I hope it looks good on me...

I'll watch a lot of horror movies this week! They show sooo many on TV! Some I've already seen though... Like 28 days later, coz it's kinda old... but Cillian Murphy looks soooo good in it! :D AND my phobia of zombies is still there, so all movies with zombies in it (except for Japanese ones) are scary!! haha Usually, I'm not scared when watching horror movies, but zombie movies... iiiiiiiiihhhhh, that's another story!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nails in paint ftw!

Wiiiie, this picture shows it all; I always draw the way I want my nails to look before I actually make them! Just to see how they will (or not) turn out! Okay so the ones on the left are my nails right now and the ones on the right is what my nails will look like tomorrow! I will remake them pink-leopard-bling style! ♥

Friday, October 23, 2009

I want these shooooooes!!

Correction: I need these shoes!!! And I want the bracelet and the ring as well! I will definitly buy them this weekend! I know, I know, I shouldn't spend money on such things now that I'm going abroad twice in spring, but I just can't help it! :( These items are crying for me to buy them...! ♥

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aaaaaaaah ♥

Looks like we're going to Japan in March anyway!! Everyone in Japanese class said that they can go, so as it is now, we'll be going to Japan together! ☆ It will be awesome, seriously, I can't think of anything that can top this trip! :D (Okay, I can think of a few things, but this is still sooo~ coooooooool!  *.*)

Ah, that's all I have to say at the moment :)

Fika & språkpolis

Today we had "fika" during Religion class! ^^ (All Swedes love fika) The reason we had fika: A person who's studying to become a teacher held our lessons, but now she's leaving and she bought us some cookies :D hehe (for those who are completely clueless, "fika" = a word for eating cookies or drinking coffee etc. with other people). Right now I'm (obviously) at home, because I don't start my classes until 14.50... Tomorrow it's friday, then I'm free from school for a whole week! Yaay ^^

Here comes a supermegauberhuge photo!:

Okay so I've been thinking about something; Swedish teens don't know their own language! Okay sure, I can make mistakes too, but I know it and I correct myself! They on the other hand, say for instance "även fast" which is a mix of two expressions: "även om" and "fast än" which both mean "even though". They also say, as I heard at least four times today during classes; "ta självmord" instead of "begå självmord" (they say "take suicide" instead of "commit suicide". WTF??). Seriously, people, is it really that hard?? ALSO, they say things such as "jag gillar han" instead of "jag gillar honom" ("I like he" instead of "I like him") WAAAAAAAAAH! It drives me insane!! Where are their parents to correct them?! I can't possibly believe that their parents talk like that too! ........... Yes, I am a språkpolis (language-police), as we call it :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I MISS YOU ALREADY, Z!!! :( < / 3

Tomorrow it's doomsday...

Tomorrow we'll find out (I hope and think) about the trip to Japan! Will we or will we not go there? Well... let's wait and find out...

And these envelopes, my dear friends, are invitations to prom! I got three of them coz I'm so freakin' awesome!!! ........ okay, no, I got three because two of them are for my friends that weren't there to take them themselves. xD

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prince Charming & naked teachers...

... those were some of the subjects my friend and I talked about today during a break! xD It was interesting and funny! haha

Today I had two oral presentations and one in English. Of course, I got MVG (the highest grade) on that one ;) It was about books that we had read. I liked my book; Black Water by Joyce Carol Oats. I think she writes so well! It's almost like reading a veeeery long poem xD

Today I'll watch Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives on TV! ♥ Before that, I'll play with little Lilly :3 She's hungry as usual, even though she's FAT and has eaten a lot these past few days! I can't believe her.. xD

Tomorrow my precious best friend is leaving for Russia!! :( I'll miss her and I forgot to give her a goodbye-hug! :( We didn't even go for an evening walk :( Aww...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New nail art! ~☆

Today I woke up and just felt like doing my nails (after having dreamed about zombies.. >.<), so I looked through a magazine to get some inspiration! This is the result ♥:

It took quite a while to make them, since I did it directly on my nails! It's kinda hard work, especially to do the nails on my right hand, haha.. I'm very happy with the result! Perhaps they're even my favorite nails ever! :D ♥ I'll definitly make my nails in the same way another time (but with a light pink nail polish as foundation!)

Soon we'll have some guests over (relatives), because we're celebrating my brother's birthday, which is tomorrow!! Too bad I have to study all day tomorrow and some today... Aaah, yesterday when I was just about to go to bed, I saw a huuuuuuuuge (okay not that big) spider on the floor!!! I couldn't help but to scream, twice and then shout at Eric to come and remove it. I accidently woke my mother up, so she wasn't very happy xD But seriously, everyone who faces their biggest phobia (INSECTS) will scream!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Omg, I've been drawing today!

I haven't been drawing for a long time now (long time = a month, or more)! So I decided to draw some manga-style, which was even longer ago! :D This is how it turned out... Okay, I know I'm not the best at making backgrounds (actually, I hate it), so this will have to do! Also, I need to buy new coloring pens... and I forgot to make shades, but I'll fix that later... Hmm, I think it turned out pretty good for being made only by hand! ^^ And I'm one of those people who never make those "helping lines" in the face of the drawing and such. It's just a waste of time, in my opinion X) Lalala... I'll name this drawing "the pink umbrella"!! haha :) Aah, I'm tired...

Here's a smaller photo of my drawing:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wiiie, we might be going to Japan anyway!

Hejsanhoppsan! .... Hi! So during Japanese class today, my teacher said that if more than half of the class wants to go (and are allowed by their parents to go), we'll book our flight tickets to Japan soon! :D The whole trip will cost about 17 000SEK though, and that is not cheap!!! We need even more money if we want to go shopping etc. Aww, it's sooo expensive :( Seems like I can't go to the Christmas prom anyways...

Today when I went home during my 4 hours long break, there was an old man (don't know how old, but gray hair) that said something to me o_O And by "something", I mean something a man in that age shouldn't say to a girl in my age xD That's the thing I hate the most of my town... those people are scary...

Today I realized that I love the color of my eyes!! haha xD Usually, I think my eyes are too green or something, but when I see myself (in a mirror, of course) in direct sunlight, my eyes are sooo cool!! Haha, I sound really weird saying this... Oh well, it's good to like things about yourself! :)

Today I'm going to watch Criminal minds on TV! And I also have to study latin, yaay... fun...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Soon it's my little brother's 16th birthday!!  Moreover Halloween!!! :D haha, I love this photo of us, it's so typical us xD It was taken on our way to Tallin this summer! I censured it a little with Halloween things! Look, there's a ghost coming from my mouth!! o_O

There were five people at P.E. class...

... that were going to actually have P.E.!!! So Lina and I couldn't do our planned lesson! We all have to plan our own lesson at P.E. and then let the rest of the class do what we have planned for them. Therefore, we'll have to do it after the autumn-break... Aaah, I have a Japanese test that week! And today I had a test in Filosophy and on Friday I'll have a national test in English!! It'll mostly be just funny though, I like talking in English :D Next week, I have a French test as well.... I have to study the whole weekend :(

The shirt I'm wearing in the photo is new btw :D I bought it yesterday (yes, I like shopping very much...) and I also bought nail polish with a cerise-ish color and a lipstick at The Make up Store!♥

One thing I hate with my hair is that I have to straighten my bangs because it looks stupid when I have it curly, but then I make it curly again using my flat iron... it's just that before I even get to school, my bangs is straight again! Whhhyyyyyy??? Why does it get straight when it's naturally curly?? Stupid hair :(

Monday, October 12, 2009

The story of my... hair!

Today's outfit:
Okay so today I'm going to talk about my hair! :D hehehe (yes, Z, I took a break from the studying, don't complain about it! :'<... ) As you all probably know by now, my hair is naturally curly, which is a little strange since none of my parents have curly hair and neither do my grandparents! I have no idea why I have curly hair, but I'm thankful for it! ^^

Actually, my hair didn't become curly until... 7th grade? It was a little wavy in 6th grade but before that is was all straight! Interesting, huh? ;) Also, I haven't gotten a hair cut in ages... haha, I'm scared of it :( soooo, therefore, my hair is quite long! I can't imagine the day I cut it off! Maybe I'll cry... like the girls on Top Model when they get their make overs! xD Aaaah, I don't even wanna think about it :(

Anyhow, today it's an extra episode of "Svenska Hollywoodfruar" (Swedish Hollywood wives) on TV! I love that show! The wives are so funny, especially Maria (the one to the right)! She's from my town btw :D I can't watch it tonight though, coz I'm going to see another show and I'll record "Svenska Hollywood fruar" for my sister anyway! Buuuut I have to get back to studying now! A Philosophy test is coming up this week!
Well then, see yah! ★

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday nails~♥

Today I've done absolutely nothing! XD A little boring, but I need days like that every once in a while. Oh, right, I fixed my nails today! I've been having simle nails (just nail polish), but now I have a little bit more than that :'D I'm nor sure if I like it or not... I'm not a big fan of red :/ I like all the bling and glitter though ^^ buut I'll probably change it again this week. I want pink nails, hehehe ... ...  I don't even have red clothes (well, I think I have a T-shirt with white and red stripes).. Aaah I have nothing to match my nails! xD

Okay I know it's really bad quality og the photo, but you'll have to accept it! I really want to go shopping, but I think I'll buy a laptop instead of clothes...? I don't really need one at the moment, but I do want one!

After I wrote the above, I remade my nails! xD This is what they look like now! ♥ It may not look better than the first fix, but I like them anyway!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back to Västerås..

Hi everyone! We're back from Stockholm now and sadly enough, we didn't find prom dresses that was pretty enough to buy :( So I'm not sure now if we'll go to the prom or not... Buuut, I'm not that sad anyway, coz I did buy a summer dress and accessoaries! :D♥ :

We ate at Pizza hut and my feet died after walking around for 5 hours in high heels :'D But it's like we say in Sweden; vill man vara fin, får man lida pin. (Basiclly, "if you want to look pretty, you've gotta suffer". xD

Friday, October 9, 2009

Got my photos from school.. ♫

Click for a larger photo!!! You have to click it (even though I look really bad), it's so funny! xD Look at the guys, hahaha, my class is weird X) Anyway, today was a really boring day and my English teacher spelled "introduction" as "introducktion"...

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 6.30, something like that! I have to be at the station at 8.30! We'll be in Stockholm until about 16.00, so we'll be there almost the whole day! We should be able to find prom dresses in that much time, right? Who knows, maybe there are no perfect prom dresses :(

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Salvete, my friends!

Wiiiie, only tomorrow left, then I'm off to Stockholm with Lina in our search for the perfect prom dresses! If I don't find the perfect one, I'm not going to the prom at all :( I don't want to buy a half-pretty dress for that much money, it's not worth it... So if I don't find anything, I'll go shopping for regular clothes instead :D Or maybe I'll go and buy myself a laptop? Hmm... Oh and btw, I have never been to another city with Lina before! Omgggg, it will be interesting ;)

I have to study Latin now. Appearantly, we have like... 100 words to learn by tomorrow! Awesome! xD

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yay, we could get 15 500 000$...

... or not. My mother got a letter from a "Spanish Barristor" named Valentino Edosio (<- lol, Spanish name? Also, they have two surnames, duuh). He said that they had found a "Diplomatic Personal Treasure containing US$15,500,000". He wanted 40% of that sum though and who would give away that much money to a lawyer? It also said that it was in the name of Jarob B. Carlsten. Jarob?? Wtf is that supposed to be a Swedish name?? xD

Then it said that he searched for relatives to this deceased person and he found that my mother has the same surname as this Jarob-guy. LOL! My mother's name isn't even Carlsten, it's the name from my father's side of the family.

Furthermore, the letter is copied, not a real signature (it's also copied). The name of the association is "Líbertad Asociados", which is completely incorrect, since "libertad" is A: not spelled with í, but with a normal i. B: "libertades" if they write it as pluralis and C: a feminine word, which means that "asociados" would be "asociadas", but seriously, who spells "freedom" as pluralis??

And the final touch of this letter was that it was sent from Warzawa, Poland, when this misspelled "Líbertad Asociados" is supposed to be located in Madrid, Spain. Wow... people are sometimes just really stupid.

Lovely evening walks ♥

This "filosophic" photo (of me and the back of my head) was taken last November when my best friend and I went for our daily evening walk! Sometimes we take "fika" with us! ♥ I can't understand that the word "fika" doesn't exist in other languages! It's soo useful, seriously! We need more evening walks :( but we always have homework or such...

So Desperate Housewives was on TV yesterday! It's the start of the 6th season and it's still awesome! ★ I love it so much, the guy who came up with the idea is a freakin' genious! xD It's the only show I know that only gets better and better with every season! All the others are just disapointing after a while...

On Saturday I'm going to Stockholm with a friend! We're going to look for prom dresses, so I skip the visit to Uppsala! Uppsala is almost just as boring as Västerås ;) I would want to see my sister's apartment though, but I guess it can wait!

Prom dresses & zombie-vampires...

Hi everyone! Since I have like the worst immunesystem ever (I've been sick since Monday, again..), I still have a fever :( But I went to school anyway, except for P.E. And after school, I went with my friends to look for prom dresses! We went to two stores (there are only two stores like that here in Västerås, I think) and I tried on three dresses! No one was "the one", though :( I'll have to keep on looking!

I'll go to Uppsala this weekend and maybe I can look for dresses there! If I don't find any, me and a friend will probably go to Stockholm and continue the search for the perfect prom dress! :'D

Lalala... soon it's Halloween! :D I don't know what I'll do at that time, since nothing is decided yet, but I do want to dress up! I love it xD Anyway, I made a photo today of what I would look like if I wouldn't have a nose but really bad eyesbrows and at the same time were a zombie-vampire:

Nice, huh? Don't think you'd want to see a zombie-vampire like this walking behind you in the middle of the night!! XD Even though the photo is like the ugliest (coolest!) ever, I love my bangs in this one :) Haha lol, okay I'll look for more stores to buy a prom dress!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christmas prom?!?!

I haven't decided if I'll go or not, but Christmas prom is coming up! I really want to go (but I don't want to sit and eat with people I don't know or like...) and I need to find a dress! I want a blue one, because in my opinion, blue is my best color :)

Here are some of my favorite dresses! (click for a larger photo..) They are all so stunningly beautiful, I can't decide which one I like the most! ♥♥ They're all very expensive, though! :( As if that wasn't enough, I would have to buy shoes too! And possibly a handbag as well.

At first, I didn't want to go to the Christmas prom, because it didn't seem like that much fun; dancing, eating... I mean, what would be so special about that? Also, it would be too expensive if I'm going to both Rome and Japan next year! But I don't even know if we're really going to Japan or not. Seems like some people can't afford it.

Anyway, this night, I dreamed that I wore a promdress and it was sooo pretty! It was a blue one, just like the one I wanted! I'm not sure about the design, but I definitely want a blue one! If I have a pink one, I'll look like Barbie or something and I don't want that. :( I'll talk to mom and maybe she can help me pay for a dress!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Religion test and a visit at Subway...

This was today's outfit (click for a larger photo)! I don't really like having my hair in a ponytail, but my hair was weird today so I had to! :'D I wore my new shoes today, until I realized I should've taken a bigger size because my toes die if I walk for to long! Anyway, it's too late now, but I'll just have to get used to it... xD I still love them though ~★

So today was the test in Religion, about hinduism and buddhism! I hope it went well! Since school almost never have tasty food, we went for sandwiches at Subway! Well, I better do my homework in French (and Latin) now, coz I have to shower and then watch TV! It's Criminal minds on today ^^