Monday, September 7, 2009

We're going to Rome in April :)

Today I'm gonna write about how pissed off I am about the attitude of some people on this forum where I'm a member (of course, it's not Clover Gals I'm talking about, everyone there is awesome ♥)! Okay, there are some nice people on this forum, but there are also some bitches. They are seriously bitches; thinking they're so much better than everyone else and looking down on others (come on people, you're like.. 16 years old, same as my little brother! xD) Anyway, I wrote something and this girl (there is one in particular that I dislike), made it seems like I'm some kind of racist! :S Omg, that's like the opposite of what I am! How can I be a racist when I love to travel and meet people from all around the world????? God, she's dumb. I've noticed before that she was being mean so some other girls, like complaining about their looks and such - why?? She's really not pretty herself! XD Hahaha I hate people like that! Luckily for her, she doesn't live here, coz if she told me things like that in person, I sooo would have verbally kicked her ass. I tell you, I'm a middle child, so I pretty much grew up fighting. You do not want to fight with me! ;P hahaha ok, I don't look that intimidating, but don't judge a book by its cover!!! xD

Aaaaahh lalala, tomorrow it's Rudbeckslunken! It's a special day that my school has, where you have to spend two hours doing something with your class; for instance, sports, picnic etc. Then you have to walk/run around svartån (a stream )! After that we can go home! :) Well, I don't really like this day, but I guess it's better than a regular school day!

I think my nail art will arrive tomorrow! And soon, like in 1-3 days, I'll have my blue ribbon bow :) I really wanna go shopping, but since the shopping in my town sucks, I'll save my money for later. I do want to buy a laptop, so hopefully I can save money for that. Though I'm really bad with money, so I probably won't be able to... xD

Here are some of the things I ordered! ♥♥ I saved about 300kr!! That's a lot! :D I can't wait for it to come! I rea~lly wanna make my nails cute again :) They're just pink now... Yeah and if you hadn't noticed, pink is my color :) It even said so in my horoscope in Ranzuki! haha Okay, I can barely read Japanese, but that I could read ^^

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