Saturday, September 12, 2009

walking at night alone

Soon we'll be taking evening walks by the harbour again ♥ :) ... I hope.

I seriously need to travel next year, both to Rome and Tokyo, especially Tokyo! We (the class who studies Japanese at school) even plan to make a video blog while we're there! :D That would be fun, wouldn't it? :3 And I will take loads of photos, so don't worry! The only problem is that I hardly know the people in my group, haha... I'll have to get to know them xD

Today I made my own calendar for 2010! I know there's a long time until 2010 comes, but it's good to be prepared :'D Hmm, I should probably be living a little more in the present instead of always thinking of the future. I can't help it, I'm just looking forward to so many things! Monday is not one of those things though. I have to spend all my Sunday studying.... God, I hate school! xD

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