Thursday, September 17, 2009

The trees are turning yellow...!

Aww, I'm listening to Something Corporate :) I've been listening to them since I was very young, like 13 or something. Anyway! Today we finished school at 10.40 and wow, two hours have gone by so fast! I need to study today, I guess, but not right now. I'm too tired! X)

Tomorrow, I'll go for a walk with Zlata! :) It's a "tradition" we have, to take evening walks together every fall! :D Sure, we can go out during other seasons too, but we did it last fall and in spring too.. it was cold in any case. XD

Omg, I just have to comment how much I hate all online stores at the moment!! I really want a Disney couture bracelet, but at ASOS (where it costs 200~SEK) they only ship it to England and Ireland!! And on Nelly it costs 899SEK!!! WTF?!?! That's just stupid. I'll search for an oline store where they can ship it to me and where it doesn't cost more than a freaking coat or something!! x_x

Update: My pink ribbon bow just arrived! It's totally supercuuute!♥ Haha, nevermind the hair-do, I just thought it would be fun to look like my top - Hello Kitty! We have the same ribbon bow now :3

Hmm, I don't use this top anymore, only at home! And this photo is taken in my brother's room, of course, my room isn't that blue! Now I have to study! Or at least eat something, I'm starving!!!

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