Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tokyo in March?!?!

Wiiiie, we (the Japanese group) talked about our trip to Japan today! My teacher said that not only would we visit Tokyo, but probably Osaka and Hiroshima too! That would be sooooooo cool!!! I have to buy a new camera or something, coz I would take photos all the time!! xD

Anyway... we're planning a fondraise so we all can afford the trip. Right now we're thinking about selling things and maybe do some cosplay-thing while selling it! That would be awesome *nerd*!! X) Okay, I wouldn't dress up as some anime character, coz I don't watch anime, but still, it would be fun! It would be great it would be some kind of meeting for people who're interested in Japan as well. Like, talking, trying new things and such. I don't know... That would probably be kind of popular as well! We'll see about that... it's quite a while until we're planning on going there, but as I said, we need to get money!

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