Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday shopping ♥

Today I went shopping with Zlata :) I wasn't supposed to buy much, but since I am somewhat of a shopaholic, I did anyway.. xD I didn't find any nail polish though, which was the main reason I went shopping today :/ It was hoooooot outside! Well, at least for being Sweden in the end of September.. :P Hmm, I'll get more money in less than two weeks, so I won't buy anything until then! At least I'll try... (Photo taken in Eric's room!)

This is what I bought! The skirt is very pretty and I've always a new colorful shirt, so... I guess I'll keep everything, even though I wasn't sure if I wanted to. X) Oh, and the earrings are sooo cute! ♥♥ I also bought two eyeliners, one black and one brown.

Here's a close up! Cute, huh? :D They were cheap too! ♥

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