Saturday, September 5, 2009

Signature pose? ★

I think I have a new signature pose! ♥ Haha, you guys might think it looks stupid, but at least I think it's cute and playful ^^

I can finally pose like that! I've been wanting to for some time now... Want to know a "secret"? I used to have braces before, so I couldn't pose like that!! It's funny, because sooo many people never even noticed that I had braces. xD Anyway, I had it for about a year and I took it out this week on Monday. I guess my teeth still aren't perfect, but it looks better than before!

My sister came home yesterday, so we went shopping a little while mom & dad were at Maxi (a big supermarket)! Or, she bought things, I couldn't find anything that I wanted.. xD Oh and my duvet (<- ok, this word sounds strange...) cover arrived yesterday as well!! It's soooooooo cute!!! ♥♥♥ I'll show you when I make my bed with it, how adorible it looks! :D It just has to dry first (it has just been washed)..

Clover Gals now has 14 members! Thanks everyone for wanting to be a part of it! ♥ Oh and by the way; my Latin group is going to Rome in March!!! We decided it yesterday, so on Latin class on Monday, everyone will bring money so we can book our tickets! It'll be so much fun!! ^____^ I reaaaaally hope I can visit Japan with my Japanese group as well! I want to go to Tokyo soooo~ much!!! ~★

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