Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nu har det kommit!! ♥

Mitt paket, på posten! Mina underbara smycken är här! Wohoo! :D Dessutom köpte jag en mössa idag! Nu har jag tre mössor... väldigt praktiskt xD

I was right! My necklace and my bracelet came today! ^^ They're soooo cute!! I loved that they wrote a little note by hand, saying thanks for buying :) Ok, but let's just show you what it looked like instead of describing!:

Aren't they adorible? X) I love them!♥♥♥ Oh, and I bought a white cap today as well! I've always wanted one so.. I bought it :) Haha, my pose isn't the best but that's the point.
I really want to wear it tomorrow, but I guess it's too early to wear a cap? Or is it? I saw a girl at the mall that had one on, so why can't I? :D Besides, in many countries, girls wear caps even in summer! Now it's fall, because it's September!! I don't care if it looks stupid, haha... In my eyes, it's pretty so ziiiiip it! xD

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