Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New shoes! ♥

Yaaay, I bought new shoes today! I've been wanting them for a while and this morning I woke up and just needed them! Right now my toes are dying, but it's just because the shoes are new! I'll get used to them :) I hope I look like a normal person wearing them (except that I'm taller than my brother with them on)! xD Anyway, I love my new shoes, they're soooo~ cute! ♥

Today at P.E. class, we were in the gym! My arms will be dead tomorrow, haha xD But that's good, I like being at the gym sometimes (even though I, at the same time, don't like it at all). I can't write much today... actually, I shouldn't write at all coz we have a test in Religion tomorrow, but I needed a break! I'll study more soon. Religion is so not my favorite subject... x_x

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