Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My nail art arrived today! ♥

This is what I got! Nail art kit (pink), 3D cherry flower stickers and clear top coat! The small boxes are soo cute! ^^ Everything is pink/purlepink/redpink! ♥
I made my nails very simple this time; pink and purple at the tip, with just some "mysic flakes" and heart shaped ones. I think it turned out very good, so I'm happy with it! :3

This is a close up! Since I don't use fake nails, it will be a hard time getting all that glitter off... It's totally worth it though! :D:D

I got an e-mail from Natsumi, saying she sent me a letter! It will probably arrive on Friday or on Monday next week. Speaking of that, I'm still working on my letter to Marie, which is almost done now! ★ Then I'll have to start on my letter to Ayaka as well... ^^' I love sending letters to them all! Though, it will be my first letter from Natsumi and my first letter to send to Marie. Ayaka and I on the other hand, have sent letters for more than two years now! :)

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