Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet LILLY! :D

This is my suuuupersweet little pet lizard Lilly! She's about three years old (I've had her for two years) and she's a leopard gecko! I know, I've said it before, but I thought she needed a real presentation! What can I say? She's got brown beautiful eyes and a stunning .. skin...? :D She enjoys sleeping and climbing things (especially my arm up to my neck), but her favorite hobby is eating!! She can eat so much, it's crazy! This week she ate like.. 7 crickets and even more of those disgusting larvas... and she's till hungry!! I on the other hand, shiver whenever I walk pass those hideous mini-monsters (the larvas)! They're so~ disgusting! o_O Anyway, little Lilly seems to love them, so my dad feeds her with them. I can't do it, since I would panic! Insects are my biggest phobia ever! XD I'm such a bad pet owner... (no seriously, I rock). ♥

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