Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Okay, so before I start writing down all my thoughts for today, I'm gonna show you what I bought today during the long lunch break! :)
So here it is! The T-shirt is from H&M! I wanted it to be a little oversized, so I picked a M sized one! X) The vest is from Gina Tricot and even though it's a size 34 (Swedish size) it's kind of big.. but I love it! :D The bow is the blue one I ordered last weekend! I'll try everything on tomorrow :3 tihi

Okay, now I'll go straight to today's subject; människor (people)!! To be more specific, it's about boys and how they act around girls they've never met before. I seriously consider it a problem, mostly for themselves, coz they'll never find a girlfriend if they don't learn how to approach them.

This is what they do:
"Hey, hey you!" The girl stops, of course, after he walks up to her coz she couldn't have a clue that it was her he was shouting for! When she looks at him, he has this weird grin on his face and starts talking about whatever. "What the hell...?" the girl thinks. "Do I know you?" Then she simply walks away. F A I L!

This is what they should do:
They shouldn't approach her with a "hey you"! Just because they're young girls doesn't mean they shouldn't be talked to with respect. They should just approach them like they would with any other people, with a simple "Excuse me". Introduce oneself is a good start, so the girl knows his name. Then the guy should say something like "I saw you across the room/school yard/street/whatever and I thought you looked really pretty!" Just tell the truth and get to the point. That will definitly make her smile, just a little. He shouldn't stand there just chatting about something she doesn't care about - he is wasting her time. Ask her for her numer or whatever, in a nice way and ask for her name of course. If she isn't inrerested, well it's obviously because the guy is not her type and not because of his attitude.

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