Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from Japan! ★

Today I got a letter from Natsumi! :D Now I have three letters to write... I'll write them as soon as school stops taking so much of my time! I have to do both Japanese homework and Englich Cambridge homework... soon X)

Starting tomorrow, my friend David will be in my class :'D Tomorrow during Japanese class (or after), maybe we'll discuss our fondraising plans! That will be interesting... I even changed my school work from working on my forum to the Japan trip! I really hope we can go...! (The forum is, of course, still going! I'm not closing it or anything!)

Okay, I'll study Japanese and English now. Then maybe I can write at least one letter! Hmm, there are some hard questions on a presentation paper that Natsumi sent; if I were an animal, what animal would it be...? Hmmm.... xD

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