Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letter from Japan! :D

Wiiiiiiee, I got a letter today, from my dear friend Ayaka! Hmm, I have two friends whose names are Ayaka, but this one was the Ayaka from Hyogo ^^ Anyway, I get soooo happy everytime I receive a letter, especially from another country! ♥ I didn't only get a letter, she also sent me my favorite fashion magazine; Ranzuki, the September issue!! ♥ And with the magazine, I got a gift! I got..... underwear xD From Cocolulu!! :D haha I loooove foreign magazines! :3

Something I don't like about the magazine though, is the obsession with weight! There are soooo many ads at the end of the magazine about girls who have lost weight and before and after photos. Seriously, they look too skinny in the after pictures! x_x

Buuut, there are some funny ads too! Like ads about hair removal! xD With pictures of girls with hairy chests...... That's just creepy! xD There are also ads to make people believe they can get bigger breasts by using some lotion. I wonder how desperate some girls really are. It's funny for me to read though! And I laugh at the cute, silly Engurish (like "come my room" and "it's a party time") of theirs :P

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nastya aprel said...

oh today i received a letter from japan too, i agree, its soo cool!)
do you send swedish magazins to her too?