Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let this life begin ♫

Iiiiiiiit's Rilakkuma ♥ This is what I've been doing today, just to avoid thinking about school. I don't know what it is, but just the thought of school makes me want to cry (almost)!! I'm sooooo stressed out! Even weeks when we don't have any tests or even homework, I just want to go into hibernation or something! :(
Things like this makes me smile though :) I love nature (but I hate bugs and such). Like when I was in the very north of Sweden, standing on a mountain looking down on the lake and beautiful nature... wow, that was amazing★! X) I miss that! It was the most beautiful place I've ever been to. Not that I would want to live there, I do prefer civilisation, just not in my town. I'm so~ out of here after I graduate and I'm never looking back! Ah, I'm such a dreamer, of course I will look back! This is where my family is, so I'll probably come and visit a few times ;)

It just feels like I'm wasting my life on school. It sounds dumb, doesn't it? School is what will give me a good life (aka a job), so I don't know what this feeling is. I'm just tired of everything that has to do with school and I want to open my own business anyway! I don't really need an education for that, do I? X) We'll just have to wait and see where life takes me - I only know it will be faaaaar from here.

Oh and I dreamed about zombies today! I really hope it's not a "the future" dream! haha Just so everyone knows, zombies are the scariest ever! They scare me even more than cockroaches! I hatehatehate zombies! Though I really like zombie movies :3 hehehe

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