Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Friday...

Good evening! :'D Here are some photos from last Friday when I had the Japanese class over to my house to eat dinner and get to know each other!! Since I said I'd show you photos, here they are:

We always make a big circle when we talk xD

At the dinner table :P

More people at the table

Finally, let's have a (or three) photo(s) of my celebritycrush :3 ♥ Haha seems like I'm 13 all over again xD No, seriously, it's nothing like that. He just makes me wish that all guys could sing and dance (and dressed as cool as he does)!

Noooow, I'm starving! I need to eat :( I hope the food is ready soon! Later I have to study... booooring! But it has to be done!

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