Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hej hej

Today it was cooold outside! 16 degrees and a rainy morning. I had PE, but since I have a cold right now, I just watched the others play Lacrosse!! xD They weren't that good, but they succeeded in making an old man stop and ask what they were doing! haha

I've been looking around at different blogs and I can't stop wondering why a lot of American bloggers can use their own languages properly??! They mix "their" there" and "they're" up all the time! Omg, whyyyy? I know it's pronounced about the same, but the meaning is completely different! Ah, that's weird... :)

Right now my brother's school has some sort of slumberparty for all 1st graders... in the forest (I think)! I miiiiiss him! It's so empty here today, coz my brother is not at home (as I just said) and my sister doesn't live with us anymore, well except during the weekends. We siblings are very close, so it feels weird being all alone :/ I mean, I've lived with my sister for 18 years!! That's a lot! xD And almost 16 years with my brother. Well well, luckily for me, I have my Lilly :)

Here she is; my little ninja lizard! ♥ Hahaha she looks scary in this picture!! XD In real life, she's not scary at all, well, except for when she's hungry! She has bitten me twice! Luckily, they don't have teeth so it doesn't hurt. It's shocking though! Lotus (a male lizard that died last year) once bit me, which made me so afraid, he was almost hurled through the whole terrarium! He wasn't hurt, but he seemed a little shocked for a while, haha. He didn't see that coming ;P

These small animals actually have big personalities! It may sound strange to some people, but it's the truth! haha I'll go and study French soon x_x I only have two lessons tommorrow, wiiiieeee ★

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