Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hej alla glada!! ♥

Hello people! How are you today? I have a headache, but I often do in school, so it's nothing strange... Today was a pretty normal day, but tomorrow we're taking photos in school! Aaaah, I hate class photos and such! I'm so afriad to look like a total freakshow! haha

This is me today! My hair-do was just because I had wet hair and it didn't have time to dry, so I couldn't style it the way I wanted... but well, it was okay :) I don't really like having an up-do, but whatever xD I love my new earrings, they're soooo cuuuuute! ★

Today the people in Japanese class and I decided to meet on Friday to get to know each other! I mean, we are (hopefully) visiting the other side of the world together, so we should at least try to become friends! :3 On Friday I'll visit my grandmother as well, and I'll try to post four letters this weekend! Three to Japan and one to South Korea :D hehehe

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