Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finner min tröst i nail art :3

Right now I'm superstressed and I've been feeling down all day; because of math! To me there is no logic in math! I just don't understand it, even though I get it! I mean, in languages there is logic, I can see that and I love it! But in math... It's like a foreign language with no logic what so ever! I even prefer PE over math...

I did some "therapy" while whining about math to myself (haha); nail art!♥ It was so~ hard to get the old glitter (mystic flakes) off my nails! But it finally came off and I could re-do my nails! :3 This is the result:
It's cherry blossom! :D I like it a lot ♥♥♥ I'd prefer my nails to be a little shorter though, but you can do so much more with your nails if they're a little bit longer!
I just have to say that I really really hate it when the female judge in Idol (Swedish one) speaks. She doesn't know Swedish grammar at all!!! I feel like yelling at the TV! It's crazy! She's an adult and she can't even speak her own language... how annoying xD

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