Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drömde att det var jättefin höst :3

Right now I'm sitting here, listening to the beautiful song Trouble Sleeping by the wonderful Swedish band The Perishers ♥ I love The Perishers so much, they're nr 2 on my top artist list on, right after Anberlin :) They're one of those bands who doesn't have any bad song at all! Love them! ♥♥♥

Anyway, this is what my cute bed looks like now! ^^ I really want to have pink walls!! At least white walls... I don't know, maybe dad and I can paint them during some holiday! :D Or maybe not... we'll see about that. I still need more pink in my room. It's so empty! I haven't had the time to really decorate the walls or anything! There are only mirrors (two) on them! >_> Okay, I do have a third mirror in my room and I'm going to hang a fourth one on the walls as well. It's not because I'm supervain, it's just good to have them! X)

I ordered ribbon bows (for the hair) today! ★ One blue and once cerise! But one of them was sold out, so they'll send it to me later... Aw, I want a light pink one as well! But they're nowhere to be found in this country .___. I really really really need to graduate so I can travel! xD haha Okay, I just have to save some money first. I have more than 30000kr now (savings), but I can only use them if I study abroad! And I really don't wanna have a job here. Maybe I can get one aborad instead :) hehe

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