Saturday, September 12, 2009


Just going to start by telling you about what woke me up at.. well, it was later than 3am; my sister on the phone! Goood, that was annoying! xD She comes home during the weekends, though she lives in Uppsala (a town more than an hour away) and studies there to become a lawyer. Can't really say that suits her ;P It's good that she comes home and visits though, with the exception of her late night habits......

Anyway, back to today's subject - dreams! Why do we dream? Just to get some "entertainment" while the brain and body rests? I'm not sure about that. I believe that everytime we dream, we get a vision, just a little glimpse in to the future! Does it sound weird to you? To me too, since I don't really want to believe in fate. But seriously, I've gotten deja vu sooo many times it can't just be a coincidence! People say you recognize the happenings from a similar moment in your life (that could have happened years ago). I don't buy it, at all! Yesterday when I was removing my make up, I looked in the mirror and thought about something. Then it suddenly hit me; this had happened before! Not in real life though, but in a dream I had about a year ago. I had dreamed that I stood in the bathroom with a small braid in my hair, thinking about the exact same thing I was thinking yesterday evening! The same thought was there, the braid was there... that was almost scary.

I have even experienced people, friends, saying a sentence, doing something (in this case it was tickeling me, I think) at the exact same place (a stairway in my old school) as in my dreams! It sometimes freaks me out! XD And something even scarier; I have dreamed about people that was total strangers to me, and later on met them! It may sound like I've seen them somewhere before, forgotten about them and then simply dreamed about them, but no, I seriously had never seen their faces before the dream!

So what do you think? Do dreams have a meaning? and in that case, what is the meaning? So we dream about random things? Things that recently happened in our lives? Maybe a past life? Or as I believe, the future? Or is it possible, that we all dream about different things, meaning; I dream of the future, someone else dreams about the past and you may be dreaming about just random things? It's an interesting thought...

Now some survival tips, in case you get stuck in the ocean with no food or water: do not drink sea water, it will dehydrate you and make you hallucinate. Are there fish in the water, don't eat the meat, since it's more important to get fluid, chew on the fish's eye globe instead, to get some water :)

Btw, I heard you can't post comments on my blog, due to the new design, so... well whatever, just e-mail me/talk on msn if there's anything to comment! :>

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peter said...

i definitely think, dreams have a meaning. at least, they come out of our mind, to be a little bit more precise, out of our subconcious. so, they may include "data" we haven't conciously given a thought to, like we subcounciously gather far more data than we do conciously.

i think (at least some times) we dream about what bothers us most. unfortunately i have the habit to dream about non-real things too. so it's hard to understand, what the dream is about. subconcious is just far more complex than concious, isn't it?

but i had some deja vus myself. in my personal theory it makes sense to look into the future in some cases. maybe there is another force we could use or not. but what i'm trying to say is: it's kinda like adding 1 + 1 up to 2. if you are thirsty and there's a glas of water in front of you, you'll sure as hell will drink, right? and it isn't quite hard to guess, you will be thirsty sooner or later either, is it?

and if you just reconsider: it's only a deja vu if your subconcious was right. otherwise you won't notice anyway.

now let me ask a question: writing about it makes me think that's kind of a debugging system. you dream about what bothers you. if you don't learn from the past, it's more likely to act a specific way and have a deja vu. so mind could kinda calculate some kind of presumption. it might kinda show you your development in life? like a hint to reconsider your way?