Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About the trip to Japan...

We're planning on being in Japan from Mars 6th to Mars 14th! We're also planning on staying in Yokohama, instead of Tokyo, just to save some money! hehehe :3 We'll visit Tokyo though, several times I guess and we'll also visit some other town (like Kyoto or Osaka?). It will cost around ~11000SEK (flight, hotel, food), but we'll need money for train and of course if we want to go shopping!!

In Japan, we'll probably visit some schools, to see how school life is like there and if we're lucky, we might get to spend a day with host families! That would be really interesting, because then we can se for real what it's like to live in Japan! :D Aaah it will be scary to actually use Japanese with real Japanese people living in Japan... xD

This is my small "quiet" town and...

this is where we're going!! XD hahaha its sooo different!

Well, it's not certain, but we're hoping we can make this trip happen! We just need some money, hehehe... I'd be willing to pay for my trip myself, if we won't get any help from our school or some kind of scholarship. I don't know how many people that are this eager to visit Japan though... :'D

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