Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New shoes! ♥

Yaaay, I bought new shoes today! I've been wanting them for a while and this morning I woke up and just needed them! Right now my toes are dying, but it's just because the shoes are new! I'll get used to them :) I hope I look like a normal person wearing them (except that I'm taller than my brother with them on)! xD Anyway, I love my new shoes, they're soooo~ cute! ♥

Today at P.E. class, we were in the gym! My arms will be dead tomorrow, haha xD But that's good, I like being at the gym sometimes (even though I, at the same time, don't like it at all). I can't write much today... actually, I shouldn't write at all coz we have a test in Religion tomorrow, but I needed a break! I'll study more soon. Religion is so not my favorite subject... x_x

Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Friday...

Good evening! :'D Here are some photos from last Friday when I had the Japanese class over to my house to eat dinner and get to know each other!! Since I said I'd show you photos, here they are:

We always make a big circle when we talk xD

At the dinner table :P

More people at the table

Finally, let's have a (or three) photo(s) of my celebritycrush :3 ♥ Haha seems like I'm 13 all over again xD No, seriously, it's nothing like that. He just makes me wish that all guys could sing and dance (and dressed as cool as he does)!

Noooow, I'm starving! I need to eat :( I hope the food is ready soon! Later I have to study... booooring! But it has to be done!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

only look at me

So sorry that I haven't blogged in a while (not that anyone cares, but still)! XP I've been waaaay too tired to blog these days. Hmm... recently I've been all fangirl-ish when it comes to Tae Yang!! xD It's a little funny, coz I didn't find him attactive at first, but then I saw him dance and woaaaah! I love guys that can dance! Also, he's got a great body (his video Prayer = ♥♥♥!!) xD And look at this photo! I love his dog! :D:D Now I feel like learning Korean, hahah......

Okay so the people from Japanese class came over last Friday and we had a great time! I didn't take any photos, but another girl did, so I'll probably show you whenever I get the pictures from her. :) Just because of the late update, this is a photo from... last thursday? Anyway, it's a suuuuper zoom!!! Aaaah! o_O And nevermind the bad quality :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today we took our class photo...

... it was kinda funny actually xD Some people dressed up as geeks/nerds, you know, with big glasses weird hair and bow ties! They looked sooo ridiculous!! xD I must've looked weird too, even though I didn't dress up, because I'm sure I did some strange face, haha

I'm almost done with my essay about the correlation between gun use and crimes in the US and Great Britain! It's very interesting! ♫  I still have Japanese homework to do though and tomorrow I have French and Latin homework as well... I also have to clean the house before having the people from Japanese class over on Friday! Aaaahh there's so much to do! (>-<)

I'll go to bed early today, because I'm reaaaaaally tired!! It was so strange today and yesterday when I woke up; it hurt sooo badly in my left knee!! I have no idea why, but it only hurt right after I had woken up! When got up, the pain just stopped. It's so weird...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hej alla glada!! ♥

Hello people! How are you today? I have a headache, but I often do in school, so it's nothing strange... Today was a pretty normal day, but tomorrow we're taking photos in school! Aaaah, I hate class photos and such! I'm so afriad to look like a total freakshow! haha

This is me today! My hair-do was just because I had wet hair and it didn't have time to dry, so I couldn't style it the way I wanted... but well, it was okay :) I don't really like having an up-do, but whatever xD I love my new earrings, they're soooo cuuuuute! ★

Today the people in Japanese class and I decided to meet on Friday to get to know each other! I mean, we are (hopefully) visiting the other side of the world together, so we should at least try to become friends! :3 On Friday I'll visit my grandmother as well, and I'll try to post four letters this weekend! Three to Japan and one to South Korea :D hehehe

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday shopping ♥

Today I went shopping with Zlata :) I wasn't supposed to buy much, but since I am somewhat of a shopaholic, I did anyway.. xD I didn't find any nail polish though, which was the main reason I went shopping today :/ It was hoooooot outside! Well, at least for being Sweden in the end of September.. :P Hmm, I'll get more money in less than two weeks, so I won't buy anything until then! At least I'll try... (Photo taken in Eric's room!)

This is what I bought! The skirt is very pretty and I've always a new colorful shirt, so... I guess I'll keep everything, even though I wasn't sure if I wanted to. X) Oh, and the earrings are sooo cute! ♥♥ I also bought two eyeliners, one black and one brown.

Here's a close up! Cute, huh? :D They were cheap too! ♥

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Today's nails! ♥

This is what today's nails look like! I made it just now! It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it too and I didn't really like it at first, but now I think it looks cute, so I'll keep it like this for at least a few days :)

Tonight it's "Kulturnatten" (the culture night), which is basiclly an event with a lot of different activities; music, art, performers etc. I'll go and see it :)

I know I was supposed to show you photos from last night's walk, but it was really dark so I only got one good photo! xD It's not really worth showing so... I won't upload it! ;P And now I'll go outdoors to the sunshine! ♥

Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet LILLY! :D

This is my suuuupersweet little pet lizard Lilly! She's about three years old (I've had her for two years) and she's a leopard gecko! I know, I've said it before, but I thought she needed a real presentation! What can I say? She's got brown beautiful eyes and a stunning .. skin...? :D She enjoys sleeping and climbing things (especially my arm up to my neck), but her favorite hobby is eating!! She can eat so much, it's crazy! This week she ate like.. 7 crickets and even more of those disgusting larvas... and she's till hungry!! I on the other hand, shiver whenever I walk pass those hideous mini-monsters (the larvas)! They're so~ disgusting! o_O Anyway, little Lilly seems to love them, so my dad feeds her with them. I can't do it, since I would panic! Insects are my biggest phobia ever! XD I'm such a bad pet owner... (no seriously, I rock). ♥

I ♥ eventing walks!

Hi everyone :3 It's finally Friday today!! Wiiiieee ★ My plans... well, I'm not like everyone else (who's going clubbing today), no, I'm simply going for a wonderful evening walk (aka adventure!) with my best friend! ^^ I loooove evening walks, especially abroad but also here in Sweden. Aww, we're the best at evening walks ever! If it's not too dark, I'll take photos. :)

Okay, seriously (or not), you need to see this parodý music video! I know it's pretty old, but I laugh sooo hard everytime I see it! I just love it XD I don't know if you guys share my sense of humor, but this is hilarious!;

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time to wear high heels!

I never wear heels in school. I don't know why, I mean I think it's so~ pretty, but I just don't want to wear it in school! XD Today after school on the other hand, I tried my high heel boots on! I've had them since I was like.. 15, but I've only worn them three times or so. Aw, I love fall-clothes so much! X) They're so pretty! I attached my ribbon bow to my cap! It turned out to be really cute, didn't it? ^^ And it matches my coat too!♥

The trees are turning yellow...!

Aww, I'm listening to Something Corporate :) I've been listening to them since I was very young, like 13 or something. Anyway! Today we finished school at 10.40 and wow, two hours have gone by so fast! I need to study today, I guess, but not right now. I'm too tired! X)

Tomorrow, I'll go for a walk with Zlata! :) It's a "tradition" we have, to take evening walks together every fall! :D Sure, we can go out during other seasons too, but we did it last fall and in spring too.. it was cold in any case. XD

Omg, I just have to comment how much I hate all online stores at the moment!! I really want a Disney couture bracelet, but at ASOS (where it costs 200~SEK) they only ship it to England and Ireland!! And on Nelly it costs 899SEK!!! WTF?!?! That's just stupid. I'll search for an oline store where they can ship it to me and where it doesn't cost more than a freaking coat or something!! x_x

Update: My pink ribbon bow just arrived! It's totally supercuuute!♥ Haha, nevermind the hair-do, I just thought it would be fun to look like my top - Hello Kitty! We have the same ribbon bow now :3

Hmm, I don't use this top anymore, only at home! And this photo is taken in my brother's room, of course, my room isn't that blue! Now I have to study! Or at least eat something, I'm starving!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Only 19.00, but the sun is already setting outside the "computer room". It's not my room, coz my room is on the 2nd floor and my window is facing the wrong way :/ And by now, the sun is already gone! Aaah, summer went by too fast. It's getting colder and colder... I do appriciate a colorful fall though :3 I'll take photos of the nature when the trees turn red!

hej hej

Today it was cooold outside! 16 degrees and a rainy morning. I had PE, but since I have a cold right now, I just watched the others play Lacrosse!! xD They weren't that good, but they succeeded in making an old man stop and ask what they were doing! haha

I've been looking around at different blogs and I can't stop wondering why a lot of American bloggers can use their own languages properly??! They mix "their" there" and "they're" up all the time! Omg, whyyyy? I know it's pronounced about the same, but the meaning is completely different! Ah, that's weird... :)

Right now my brother's school has some sort of slumberparty for all 1st graders... in the forest (I think)! I miiiiiss him! It's so empty here today, coz my brother is not at home (as I just said) and my sister doesn't live with us anymore, well except during the weekends. We siblings are very close, so it feels weird being all alone :/ I mean, I've lived with my sister for 18 years!! That's a lot! xD And almost 16 years with my brother. Well well, luckily for me, I have my Lilly :)

Here she is; my little ninja lizard! ♥ Hahaha she looks scary in this picture!! XD In real life, she's not scary at all, well, except for when she's hungry! She has bitten me twice! Luckily, they don't have teeth so it doesn't hurt. It's shocking though! Lotus (a male lizard that died last year) once bit me, which made me so afraid, he was almost hurled through the whole terrarium! He wasn't hurt, but he seemed a little shocked for a while, haha. He didn't see that coming ;P

These small animals actually have big personalities! It may sound strange to some people, but it's the truth! haha I'll go and study French soon x_x I only have two lessons tommorrow, wiiiieeee ★

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About the trip to Japan...

We're planning on being in Japan from Mars 6th to Mars 14th! We're also planning on staying in Yokohama, instead of Tokyo, just to save some money! hehehe :3 We'll visit Tokyo though, several times I guess and we'll also visit some other town (like Kyoto or Osaka?). It will cost around ~11000SEK (flight, hotel, food), but we'll need money for train and of course if we want to go shopping!!

In Japan, we'll probably visit some schools, to see how school life is like there and if we're lucky, we might get to spend a day with host families! That would be really interesting, because then we can se for real what it's like to live in Japan! :D Aaah it will be scary to actually use Japanese with real Japanese people living in Japan... xD

This is my small "quiet" town and...

this is where we're going!! XD hahaha its sooo different!

Well, it's not certain, but we're hoping we can make this trip happen! We just need some money, hehehe... I'd be willing to pay for my trip myself, if we won't get any help from our school or some kind of scholarship. I don't know how many people that are this eager to visit Japan though... :'D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Letter from Japan! ★

Today I got a letter from Natsumi! :D Now I have three letters to write... I'll write them as soon as school stops taking so much of my time! I have to do both Japanese homework and Englich Cambridge homework... soon X)

Starting tomorrow, my friend David will be in my class :'D Tomorrow during Japanese class (or after), maybe we'll discuss our fondraising plans! That will be interesting... I even changed my school work from working on my forum to the Japan trip! I really hope we can go...! (The forum is, of course, still going! I'm not closing it or anything!)

Okay, I'll study Japanese and English now. Then maybe I can write at least one letter! Hmm, there are some hard questions on a presentation paper that Natsumi sent; if I were an animal, what animal would it be...? Hmmm.... xD

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finner min tröst i nail art :3

Right now I'm superstressed and I've been feeling down all day; because of math! To me there is no logic in math! I just don't understand it, even though I get it! I mean, in languages there is logic, I can see that and I love it! But in math... It's like a foreign language with no logic what so ever! I even prefer PE over math...

I did some "therapy" while whining about math to myself (haha); nail art!♥ It was so~ hard to get the old glitter (mystic flakes) off my nails! But it finally came off and I could re-do my nails! :3 This is the result:
It's cherry blossom! :D I like it a lot ♥♥♥ I'd prefer my nails to be a little shorter though, but you can do so much more with your nails if they're a little bit longer!
I just have to say that I really really hate it when the female judge in Idol (Swedish one) speaks. She doesn't know Swedish grammar at all!!! I feel like yelling at the TV! It's crazy! She's an adult and she can't even speak her own language... how annoying xD

Let this life begin ♫

Iiiiiiiit's Rilakkuma ♥ This is what I've been doing today, just to avoid thinking about school. I don't know what it is, but just the thought of school makes me want to cry (almost)!! I'm sooooo stressed out! Even weeks when we don't have any tests or even homework, I just want to go into hibernation or something! :(
Things like this makes me smile though :) I love nature (but I hate bugs and such). Like when I was in the very north of Sweden, standing on a mountain looking down on the lake and beautiful nature... wow, that was amazing★! X) I miss that! It was the most beautiful place I've ever been to. Not that I would want to live there, I do prefer civilisation, just not in my town. I'm so~ out of here after I graduate and I'm never looking back! Ah, I'm such a dreamer, of course I will look back! This is where my family is, so I'll probably come and visit a few times ;)

It just feels like I'm wasting my life on school. It sounds dumb, doesn't it? School is what will give me a good life (aka a job), so I don't know what this feeling is. I'm just tired of everything that has to do with school and I want to open my own business anyway! I don't really need an education for that, do I? X) We'll just have to wait and see where life takes me - I only know it will be faaaaar from here.

Oh and I dreamed about zombies today! I really hope it's not a "the future" dream! haha Just so everyone knows, zombies are the scariest ever! They scare me even more than cockroaches! I hatehatehate zombies! Though I really like zombie movies :3 hehehe

Saturday, September 12, 2009

walking at night alone

Soon we'll be taking evening walks by the harbour again ♥ :) ... I hope.

I seriously need to travel next year, both to Rome and Tokyo, especially Tokyo! We (the class who studies Japanese at school) even plan to make a video blog while we're there! :D That would be fun, wouldn't it? :3 And I will take loads of photos, so don't worry! The only problem is that I hardly know the people in my group, haha... I'll have to get to know them xD

Today I made my own calendar for 2010! I know there's a long time until 2010 comes, but it's good to be prepared :'D Hmm, I should probably be living a little more in the present instead of always thinking of the future. I can't help it, I'm just looking forward to so many things! Monday is not one of those things though. I have to spend all my Sunday studying.... God, I hate school! xD


Just going to start by telling you about what woke me up at.. well, it was later than 3am; my sister on the phone! Goood, that was annoying! xD She comes home during the weekends, though she lives in Uppsala (a town more than an hour away) and studies there to become a lawyer. Can't really say that suits her ;P It's good that she comes home and visits though, with the exception of her late night habits......

Anyway, back to today's subject - dreams! Why do we dream? Just to get some "entertainment" while the brain and body rests? I'm not sure about that. I believe that everytime we dream, we get a vision, just a little glimpse in to the future! Does it sound weird to you? To me too, since I don't really want to believe in fate. But seriously, I've gotten deja vu sooo many times it can't just be a coincidence! People say you recognize the happenings from a similar moment in your life (that could have happened years ago). I don't buy it, at all! Yesterday when I was removing my make up, I looked in the mirror and thought about something. Then it suddenly hit me; this had happened before! Not in real life though, but in a dream I had about a year ago. I had dreamed that I stood in the bathroom with a small braid in my hair, thinking about the exact same thing I was thinking yesterday evening! The same thought was there, the braid was there... that was almost scary.

I have even experienced people, friends, saying a sentence, doing something (in this case it was tickeling me, I think) at the exact same place (a stairway in my old school) as in my dreams! It sometimes freaks me out! XD And something even scarier; I have dreamed about people that was total strangers to me, and later on met them! It may sound like I've seen them somewhere before, forgotten about them and then simply dreamed about them, but no, I seriously had never seen their faces before the dream!

So what do you think? Do dreams have a meaning? and in that case, what is the meaning? So we dream about random things? Things that recently happened in our lives? Maybe a past life? Or as I believe, the future? Or is it possible, that we all dream about different things, meaning; I dream of the future, someone else dreams about the past and you may be dreaming about just random things? It's an interesting thought...

Now some survival tips, in case you get stuck in the ocean with no food or water: do not drink sea water, it will dehydrate you and make you hallucinate. Are there fish in the water, don't eat the meat, since it's more important to get fluid, chew on the fish's eye globe instead, to get some water :)

Btw, I heard you can't post comments on my blog, due to the new design, so... well whatever, just e-mail me/talk on msn if there's anything to comment! :>

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tokyo in March?!?!

Wiiiie, we (the Japanese group) talked about our trip to Japan today! My teacher said that not only would we visit Tokyo, but probably Osaka and Hiroshima too! That would be sooooooo cool!!! I have to buy a new camera or something, coz I would take photos all the time!! xD

Anyway... we're planning a fondraise so we all can afford the trip. Right now we're thinking about selling things and maybe do some cosplay-thing while selling it! That would be awesome *nerd*!! X) Okay, I wouldn't dress up as some anime character, coz I don't watch anime, but still, it would be fun! It would be great it would be some kind of meeting for people who're interested in Japan as well. Like, talking, trying new things and such. I don't know... That would probably be kind of popular as well! We'll see about that... it's quite a while until we're planning on going there, but as I said, we need to get money!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Okay, so before I start writing down all my thoughts for today, I'm gonna show you what I bought today during the long lunch break! :)
So here it is! The T-shirt is from H&M! I wanted it to be a little oversized, so I picked a M sized one! X) The vest is from Gina Tricot and even though it's a size 34 (Swedish size) it's kind of big.. but I love it! :D The bow is the blue one I ordered last weekend! I'll try everything on tomorrow :3 tihi

Okay, now I'll go straight to today's subject; människor (people)!! To be more specific, it's about boys and how they act around girls they've never met before. I seriously consider it a problem, mostly for themselves, coz they'll never find a girlfriend if they don't learn how to approach them.

This is what they do:
"Hey, hey you!" The girl stops, of course, after he walks up to her coz she couldn't have a clue that it was her he was shouting for! When she looks at him, he has this weird grin on his face and starts talking about whatever. "What the hell...?" the girl thinks. "Do I know you?" Then she simply walks away. F A I L!

This is what they should do:
They shouldn't approach her with a "hey you"! Just because they're young girls doesn't mean they shouldn't be talked to with respect. They should just approach them like they would with any other people, with a simple "Excuse me". Introduce oneself is a good start, so the girl knows his name. Then the guy should say something like "I saw you across the room/school yard/street/whatever and I thought you looked really pretty!" Just tell the truth and get to the point. That will definitly make her smile, just a little. He shouldn't stand there just chatting about something she doesn't care about - he is wasting her time. Ask her for her numer or whatever, in a nice way and ask for her name of course. If she isn't inrerested, well it's obviously because the guy is not her type and not because of his attitude.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My nail art arrived today! ♥

This is what I got! Nail art kit (pink), 3D cherry flower stickers and clear top coat! The small boxes are soo cute! ^^ Everything is pink/purlepink/redpink! ♥
I made my nails very simple this time; pink and purple at the tip, with just some "mysic flakes" and heart shaped ones. I think it turned out very good, so I'm happy with it! :3

This is a close up! Since I don't use fake nails, it will be a hard time getting all that glitter off... It's totally worth it though! :D:D

I got an e-mail from Natsumi, saying she sent me a letter! It will probably arrive on Friday or on Monday next week. Speaking of that, I'm still working on my letter to Marie, which is almost done now! ★ Then I'll have to start on my letter to Ayaka as well... ^^' I love sending letters to them all! Though, it will be my first letter from Natsumi and my first letter to send to Marie. Ayaka and I on the other hand, have sent letters for more than two years now! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

We're going to Rome in April :)

Today I'm gonna write about how pissed off I am about the attitude of some people on this forum where I'm a member (of course, it's not Clover Gals I'm talking about, everyone there is awesome ♥)! Okay, there are some nice people on this forum, but there are also some bitches. They are seriously bitches; thinking they're so much better than everyone else and looking down on others (come on people, you're like.. 16 years old, same as my little brother! xD) Anyway, I wrote something and this girl (there is one in particular that I dislike), made it seems like I'm some kind of racist! :S Omg, that's like the opposite of what I am! How can I be a racist when I love to travel and meet people from all around the world????? God, she's dumb. I've noticed before that she was being mean so some other girls, like complaining about their looks and such - why?? She's really not pretty herself! XD Hahaha I hate people like that! Luckily for her, she doesn't live here, coz if she told me things like that in person, I sooo would have verbally kicked her ass. I tell you, I'm a middle child, so I pretty much grew up fighting. You do not want to fight with me! ;P hahaha ok, I don't look that intimidating, but don't judge a book by its cover!!! xD

Aaaaahh lalala, tomorrow it's Rudbeckslunken! It's a special day that my school has, where you have to spend two hours doing something with your class; for instance, sports, picnic etc. Then you have to walk/run around svartån (a stream )! After that we can go home! :) Well, I don't really like this day, but I guess it's better than a regular school day!

I think my nail art will arrive tomorrow! And soon, like in 1-3 days, I'll have my blue ribbon bow :) I really wanna go shopping, but since the shopping in my town sucks, I'll save my money for later. I do want to buy a laptop, so hopefully I can save money for that. Though I'm really bad with money, so I probably won't be able to... xD

Here are some of the things I ordered! ♥♥ I saved about 300kr!! That's a lot! :D I can't wait for it to come! I rea~lly wanna make my nails cute again :) They're just pink now... Yeah and if you hadn't noticed, pink is my color :) It even said so in my horoscope in Ranzuki! haha Okay, I can barely read Japanese, but that I could read ^^

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drömde att det var jättefin höst :3

Right now I'm sitting here, listening to the beautiful song Trouble Sleeping by the wonderful Swedish band The Perishers ♥ I love The Perishers so much, they're nr 2 on my top artist list on, right after Anberlin :) They're one of those bands who doesn't have any bad song at all! Love them! ♥♥♥

Anyway, this is what my cute bed looks like now! ^^ I really want to have pink walls!! At least white walls... I don't know, maybe dad and I can paint them during some holiday! :D Or maybe not... we'll see about that. I still need more pink in my room. It's so empty! I haven't had the time to really decorate the walls or anything! There are only mirrors (two) on them! >_> Okay, I do have a third mirror in my room and I'm going to hang a fourth one on the walls as well. It's not because I'm supervain, it's just good to have them! X)

I ordered ribbon bows (for the hair) today! ★ One blue and once cerise! But one of them was sold out, so they'll send it to me later... Aw, I want a light pink one as well! But they're nowhere to be found in this country .___. I really really really need to graduate so I can travel! xD haha Okay, I just have to save some money first. I have more than 30000kr now (savings), but I can only use them if I study abroad! And I really don't wanna have a job here. Maybe I can get one aborad instead :) hehe

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Signature pose? ★

I think I have a new signature pose! ♥ Haha, you guys might think it looks stupid, but at least I think it's cute and playful ^^

I can finally pose like that! I've been wanting to for some time now... Want to know a "secret"? I used to have braces before, so I couldn't pose like that!! It's funny, because sooo many people never even noticed that I had braces. xD Anyway, I had it for about a year and I took it out this week on Monday. I guess my teeth still aren't perfect, but it looks better than before!

My sister came home yesterday, so we went shopping a little while mom & dad were at Maxi (a big supermarket)! Or, she bought things, I couldn't find anything that I wanted.. xD Oh and my duvet (<- ok, this word sounds strange...) cover arrived yesterday as well!! It's soooooooo cute!!! ♥♥♥ I'll show you when I make my bed with it, how adorible it looks! :D It just has to dry first (it has just been washed)..

Clover Gals now has 14 members! Thanks everyone for wanting to be a part of it! ♥ Oh and by the way; my Latin group is going to Rome in March!!! We decided it yesterday, so on Latin class on Monday, everyone will bring money so we can book our tickets! It'll be so much fun!! ^____^ I reaaaaally hope I can visit Japan with my Japanese group as well! I want to go to Tokyo soooo~ much!!! ~★

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vad kan man göra på 4h?

Mm, det frågade jag mig själv, men jag är för trött för att komma på något, så jag har inte gjort något speciallt alls på denna 4> timmar långa håltimme! Sen blir det att dra tillbaka till skolan igen för att ha latin, fett värt. x_x
Today after French class, we didn't have any lessons, so it was 4 hours and 20min until the next lesson!! I went home, of course, so now I'm sitting here waiting for two more hours and 20min to go by so I can have my boring Latin lesson! X) I'm so happy it's finally Friday!!! This week felt like it was way longer than just 5 school days... Anyway, today I'll write a letter to Marie! :) Then I'll go to sleep early, coz I'm sooooo tired!! I couldn't fall asleep last night because of the rain! It rattled so loud on the windowpanes, it was hard to ignore it... ._. Anyway, I'll go and eat lunch now! Or soon, I just want to listen to some music first :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Letter from Japan! :D

Wiiiiiiee, I got a letter today, from my dear friend Ayaka! Hmm, I have two friends whose names are Ayaka, but this one was the Ayaka from Hyogo ^^ Anyway, I get soooo happy everytime I receive a letter, especially from another country! ♥ I didn't only get a letter, she also sent me my favorite fashion magazine; Ranzuki, the September issue!! ♥ And with the magazine, I got a gift! I got..... underwear xD From Cocolulu!! :D haha I loooove foreign magazines! :3

Something I don't like about the magazine though, is the obsession with weight! There are soooo many ads at the end of the magazine about girls who have lost weight and before and after photos. Seriously, they look too skinny in the after pictures! x_x

Buuut, there are some funny ads too! Like ads about hair removal! xD With pictures of girls with hairy chests...... That's just creepy! xD There are also ads to make people believe they can get bigger breasts by using some lotion. I wonder how desperate some girls really are. It's funny for me to read though! And I laugh at the cute, silly Engurish (like "come my room" and "it's a party time") of theirs :P

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nu har det kommit!! ♥

Mitt paket, på posten! Mina underbara smycken är här! Wohoo! :D Dessutom köpte jag en mössa idag! Nu har jag tre mössor... väldigt praktiskt xD

I was right! My necklace and my bracelet came today! ^^ They're soooo cute!! I loved that they wrote a little note by hand, saying thanks for buying :) Ok, but let's just show you what it looked like instead of describing!:

Aren't they adorible? X) I love them!♥♥♥ Oh, and I bought a white cap today as well! I've always wanted one so.. I bought it :) Haha, my pose isn't the best but that's the point.
I really want to wear it tomorrow, but I guess it's too early to wear a cap? Or is it? I saw a girl at the mall that had one on, so why can't I? :D Besides, in many countries, girls wear caps even in summer! Now it's fall, because it's September!! I don't care if it looks stupid, haha... In my eyes, it's pretty so ziiiiip it! xD

Jag har inget att göra :(

Såhär ser jag ut idag! Jag är inte säker på om det jag har på mig egentligen är en klänning eller en tunika, men jag brukar ha den som klänning... utom idag då. Mitt hår är så... blä... idag :( Okej, men engelska!:

Soon I'll eat lunch and then go to school! I hate my hair today :( My curls are... weird! xD Ah, whatever. I only have English anyway at school, then I'm going home again. Right now I'm lsitening to Three Days Grace and thinking about what I will eat for lunch. I don't like this day anyway... the only thing I like about it is that I will be able to answer everyone's e-mails when I get home again!! Also, I really like my nails :3 hehehehe