Monday, July 28, 2014

My floral tattoo! About the pain and aftercare

Exactly 3 months ago, on April 28th, I got my first tattoo. It was my own design and it has a special meaning for me. I had been wanting a tattoo for quite some time. I guess after watching too many episodes of LA ink it finally got to me - tattoos are art! I am an artist, ergo I should get a tattoo! haha Here is a quite long blog post about everything there is to know and think about before getting a tattoo.

Deciding on the design
I already knew I wanted something feminine and "classic", something I would not grow out of and get bored with. I decided on flowers, my favorite kind, carnation and the always so beautiful roses. I had already decided I wanted it in color since I think color tattoos are the prettiest, most feminine and the most fun! I started sketching and eventually came up with this:

A rough sketch done with a regular pen

Then I tried drawing the tattoo in color, to decide which one I liked the most. I used really old children's pencils, so it doesn't look that good ;) Anyhow, I decided on the white and pink one, since it was the most classic look. I made the white a little bit more yellow and though it would be ok. My tattoo artist disagrees because white rarely makes a good tattoo, so instead, I went with the pink and blue one.

Where to put it?
I didn't really think for too long before deciding. I knew I didn't want it somewhere it would be hard to hide (for jobs, or certain formal events). I was considerin the ribs, but then changed my mind because I didn't think the design would look good there. Therefore, I decided on my shoulderblade. Left one to be exact.

The pain - does it hurt?
The pain... People who say it doesn't hurt, or that it's just like someone pinching you - THEY ARE LYING! I wasn't even prepared for the pain, even though my boyfriend told me it feels like someone's cutting you with a scalpel. It hurt twice as bad as I thought! Especially outlines and highlights hurt like a b*tch! The good news is; because it's worth it in the end, you stick it out. Plus, during the first layer of coloring, it doesn't hurt much at all. Also, placement has a lot to do with how much it hurt. Generally speaking, the closer to bones the more it hurts.

Bring something to eat or drink, to keep your bloodsugar levels up. If not, you might faint or feel really dizzy. I had a coke and some caramels, which helped a lot. Unhealthy, yes, but it's only for this one time! ;)

The results
After 2,5 hours - actually, my tattoo artist was about an hour late because she was in a car accident (no one got hurt, luckily), so we had to wait a long time before I even got to come in and sit in the chair. I got 500 DKK off the price because of this, so it's ok! 2,5 hours for a first tattoo is a bit ambitious, but if you want a bigger tattoo then go for it! No use getting a smaller one first just o "get used to the pain" - you quickly forget how much it hurts, and that's probably why people tell you it's not that bad.

This is what my tattoo looked like after I got home. I was told to remove the plastic as soon as I got home, to let the skin under breathe so the tattoo would heal quicker. It was bleeding a bit, it actually bled through my top! But it wasn't that bad. The upper blue rose was bleeding the most, but I just cleaned the whole thing with the help of Mads, and then put my lotion on - having a good lotion is the most important thing with the healing process! You have to get a moisturising and healing lotion!

Healing process
It takes about 1-2 week for your tattoo to heal. Mine healed in less than a week. After just 2-3 days it started peeling. It peels a lot, the whole area of skin will be replaced. Do not peel it off! Simply rub it gently in the shower, and put your lotion on afterwards. Always keep your tattoo hydrated, never let it dry out! I had to get up once every night (well I woke up anyway) to put on more lotion. You also have to wash your tattoo with water or water and mild soap 1-2 times a day. Keep in mind that your tattoo is almost like an open wound - it will get stuck in your clothes when you sleep! I used an old T-shirt, which got colored from the tattoo, but it washed off. And remember, don't go out in the sun with your new tattoo exposed!

Here is the healed tattoo! The colors look pretty different from the earlier photo, especially the blue! Since the upper rose was bleeding so much, it lost some color and I will have it filled in in the near future. So yeah, my tattoo healed in less than a week, which also might be why it lost a bit of color (some say that the slower it heals, the better the results). After the first week, the tattoo will itch like crazy! Do not give in to the temptation to scratch it! Beat the crap out of it, or scratch with your knuckles with a layer of clothes inbetween, but never scratch with your nails - that will ruin the healing process! 

You might need to fill in the color/colors of you tattoo once it's completely healed. Most tattoo studios offer a "free refill", meaning you can go there after 3 months minimum to get the tattoos colored again if needed. You can often go there and ask if you aren't sure, and the tattoo artist will decide whether or not it's needed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will definitely want more tattoos in the future! I have at least two more planned for the near future! ;)

Our house! with pictures

Mads and I moved closer to central Copenhagen last September. We moved into a really nice and cosy semi detached house in a green neighborhood near a forest and the local train station. The house is very light with white walls in every room (besides one of the walls in the bedroom that is mintblue), and light wooden flooring. Anyhow, here are a few photos - photos of the outside will have to wait though:

Welcome in side! (Yes, the door has to be red, unfortunately). We are going to put up a mirror on the wall in the far back - we just need to find the perfect one!

Here is the kitchen, one of my favorite rooms! It's so light and pretty! You can't really see it, but there are hints of pink in both the floor and the countertops! There's a huge fridge to the right in the second photo as well. The big freezer is in our laundry room though.

Awesome feature! This is where we have breakfast, also works as a bar at parties.

Here is the livingroom area - still waiting for cushions for the couches though. We have a little lamp and stuff on the small round table between the couches now, so it doesn't look as empty. I am in love with this area and I totally love the table, which is made of re-used wood. There are two big windows in this room, and a door to the backyard.

Here is the dining area (same room as the previous picture), my least favorite part of the house because of the dark colors! The chairs are going to be replaced in the near future, so we will get white or beige chairs. :) Also, Rango's terrarium is closed at the bottom, so you don't have to see all the stuff there. Might be able to talk Mads into buying a new rug eventually as well, hehe.

This is the second floor, when you come up the strairs, you're in our TV room! I am looking for a painting for the wall, and we are buying new cushions, but this is the one room where I get to have pink decorations, haha.

Our bedroom! I also want something on this wall (the blue one, which looks a bit more blue in real life).

Other side of the bedroom, obviously with a big-ass closet and drawers for the rest of my stuff, haha. Excuse and the clothes hanging over the laundry basket. Those are sweatpants or sweaters that we re-use at home before washing them... Because you don't have to wash such clothes straight away. ;)

In total, we have 120 square meeters of house and 90 square meeters of backyard. We have three bedrooms; one which is ours, one that is our guestroom and a third that is currently used as a reptile room but that will be changed into a small gym area. We also have the big livingroom, the kitchen, bathroom and a laundry room downstairs. In our backyard we have a big apple tree, and a shed. My bunny hutches are also in the backyard, which is awesome! They get to come out and run, plus I can give them free branches from the tree and grass from the lawn, haha. 

Hope you liked it! I will probably update the blog whenever we buy new things for the house.

I am back! Updates on my life!

Hiyaaa! I'm back! I left this blog a little over a year ago, and since then I have been blogging on other blogs, mostly in Swedish, but today I decided to come back. Why? Well, I guess I miss blogging in English, and I don't really want to delete this blog... so why not use it?

So then, what's new?

Oh jeez... a lot! Let's start with me. I still live in Denmark with my boyfriend Mads. We celebrated 3 years together last month. I study in Malmö, which is a city in southern Sweden, just across the water from Copenhagen. I still enjoy pretty much the same things, except I'm really into working out lately (strength training). Also, I have had all kinds of hair colors since last time! Here are a few examples:

I dyed my hair mahogany (like a really dark red with a purple tint) in October last year. It faded into a brown-ish red color after just a month or so. 

When the red color had faded into a more orange-red shade, and my blonde roots started showing, I decided to try to go back to blonde again. I bleached it probably twince, and used a pearl blonde hairdye to finally go back to blonde right in time for New year's Eve 2013-2014.

After being blonde for a while, I tried to get as silver colored hair as possible and it turned out a very light ash blonde. I got bored again and missed the warmer tones, so I dyed my hair strawberry blonde (turned out a little more orange than I wanted, but I still liked it).

Last but not least - I finally dyed my hair pink! I used Manic Panic's Mystic heather, which is a gorgeous color! Unfortunately it only lasted for a little over a week in my hair. I think it's because I didn't bleach my hair before applying the hairdye. Oh well, I loved it while it lasted. :)

I will make a new post about where we live now! We moved last September, and we absolutely love it here! I just have to show you pictures as well. :) Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lilac nails

I actually mixed two different colors, Depend no. 17 (which is a very purple color), and Mavala Miami (a bit more pink lilac). I finished up with a coat of Seche Vite. :) Next time I will try out Barry M's Blue moon! I also have a coral/orange color I want to try, if it's still good.

Today's outfit

Denim shirt/dress: Only // Clutch: H&M // Heels: Nelly

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Red, pink and glitter nails

Bubbleroom fashion

Dreaming of a new wardrobe from Bubbleroom... Which item is your favorite?
You can click on each item to get to the product page.

I'm in love with the lime colored top!

Tjäna pengar på ditt gamla guld


Visste du att du kan tjäna pengar på att sälja guld? Har du exempelvis gamla smycken du aldrig använder så kan du enkelt sälja dem på ett säkert sätt och få pengar för guldets värde. Pengarna får du dessutom utbetalt inom 24 timmar. Låter inte det väldigt smidigt?

Tyvärr har jag inga guldsmycken jag aldrig använder, haha, men hade jag det så skulle jag förmodligen göra annat än att låta dem ligga och "skräpa". Det vore ju inte så illa om du då fick kontakter att handla annat för som du faktiskt använder. Eller varför inte åka på en resa? Det hade nog jag gjort, jag längtar efter utlandet! Fast å andra sidan borde jag investera i böcker och grejer inför skolstarten i september - det är ju också något som pengarna kan gå till! Kanske slipper du då till och med ta studielån? ;)

GuldCentrum finns i alla fall om detta skulle fånga ditt intresse. De finns både online och i fysisk butik och besöker du dem kan du få en gratis värdering av dina guldsaker. Då kan du avgöra själv vad du ska göra med guldet.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy face!

I'm a happy woman right now! The weather is nice, we are moving into a house soon, Charlie is having bunny babies in 2 weeks, and my birthday is coming up in 2 months (lol)! :) Speaking of birthdays, I always feel like I'm only 19 or 20 years old at most. Sometimes I get confused and actually think that I turn 21 in Augusti, haha! I don't know... 22 just sounds so old! 

Someone who's even older is my sister - she turned 23 today! Yay, happy bday! 

I can't wait 'til Mads and I buy a dog.. It will have to wait though, because we ae both going to study, so the money might be a bit tight, but I will definitely try to save up! lol When the time comes, we are getting a Finnish lapphund! Can't wait!

Monday, June 10, 2013

2nd anniversary

Mads and I are celebrating our second anniversary today! Well actually, we celebrated Saturday. Mads took me to a big aquarium, and then we went out for lunch. After that we went to Ripley's believe it or nor, and then we had ice cream, and later we went to IKEA to pick out a couch for our new house!

Here are some cellphone pictures from Saturday. Since it was a surprise, I didn't think to bring a camera, unfortunately. But it was a great day, and I hope the pictures tell the story anyway ;)

Me at the Amazonas-part of the aquarium

Piranas, and a charming pose by me, lol!

The love of my life <3 p="">
Getting attacked by a shark...

And last but not least, I decided to bake cupcakes today! Fluffy chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting! They are sooo delicious, makes me drool just thinking about them ;) There was some leftover frosting, so I decided to freeze it. Maybe it'll be a yummy ice cream! :D

Friday, June 7, 2013

E.L.F. haul! ^^

As mentioned yesterday, I got a few things from e.l.f. that I really needed. Here they are (and excuse the quality of the photos... my camera broke, so I used my iPhone). 

First off, a black regular eyeliner pencil, and a lipliner in Natural blush. I haven't tried the eyeliner yet, but the lipliner is very good, looks almost exactly like my natural lip color!

I also got a cream concealer in Apricot beige. It makes your skin kind of oily, so you need to be prepared for that. But if you use a light powder over, it looks great and covers most of the blemishes and redness.

I also got the cream eyeliner in the dark brown shade Coffee. I absolutely love this! It's so easy to apply, and it looks much better than with a liquid eyeliner! I know one thing for sure - I will never go back to the liquid stuff again! :)

Last, but not least (actually my favorite item), is the e.l.f. mineral lipstick in the shade Cheerful cherry! It's sooo red and gorgeous! I already have the Runway pink shade, which I also love. I wil totally buy more of these!

Here you can see me wearing the lipstick (and the eyeliner).

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We are moving!

First off, I will do a post tomorrow about a few new makeup items I got from e.l.f., including this gorgeous red lipstick that I am totally obsessed with! It looks even more red in real:

 Second, we are moving! Yaay, we got the house we wanted, and we can start the renovation on July 1st! I am so excited! The house is closer to Copenhagen, which mean I won't have to travel so far to get to school, and we can easily take a train to central Copenhagen without it being expensive. ^^

I decided to paint a portrait of our veiled chameleon Rango, so we can hang it in out future reptile room. It is painted with watercolors (did I mention how impossible it is to paint scales? lol!).